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Los Angeles' Largest Babyproofing & Complete Safety Store

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Family First began babyproofing homes in 1991. Licensed and bonded, our expert staff of babyproofing installers is available for an onsite evaluation of your home. Our babyproofing installers currently serve Los Angeles and Orange Counties. 

and Linette Palmer started their babyproofing/child safety consulting business in 1991 and opened their store Family First in 1994. Family First provides the most complete line of field tested babyproofing items available anywhere. People can buy products and get expert installation advice, or Family First will do the installation on a contract basis.


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How will you answer these questions?

Our home has emergency numbers near telephones and first aid supplies.

Household cleaners, medicines, and vitamins are stored out of young children's reach.

Children are prevented from falls from windows, stairs and playground equipment.

Our water heaters are set no higher than 120 degrees F to prevent scald burns.

Our home has working smoke detectors and we check the batteries monthly.

Children are always supervised near waste.







We field-test all products to offer you the best in the marketplace.
Oops I almost fell down the stairs!  Where was that gate?

Self Closing Safety Gate Metal gate is easy to install, latches automatically when pushed closed and is removable. Aluminum frame and bars. Gate opens in either direction, is 29" high, fits openings 25" to 40" wide, withstands outdoor or indoor use and has non-toxic powder coated protective finish.  

Wall Mounted Wood Slat Gate
Hardwood Slat gate for tops of stairs / doorways.
Latch is easy to use with one hand. No-climbing design is 28" tall and fits openings 28" to 42" wide. Gate can swing open both ways, removes easily and with additional mounting hardware can be used.

Gee, now I can't play with the stuff under the sink.
One Piece Latch for "Faced Framed" Cabinets, Gerber Latches
p7.jpg (2996 bytes) Parent friendly design helps prevent children from opening drawers and cabinets. Exclusive one-piece unit is easy to install.
Two Piece Latch for "Euro Style" Cabinets

Our most popular two-piece latches. These two-piece latches are useful for closing all types of drawers and cabinetry. Optional spacers add length to latch for drawers under overhanging counter top. 

Clever / Secure Cabinet Lock with Magnetic Key

The most unique safety and security lock on the market today. Tot Lock is totally concealed and works like magic with Tot Lock's "magnetic lock." No other magnet will open Tot Lock, and no one can open the lock without our Tot Locks "Magnetic Key" 

Gee, mommy, now I can't play in the potty.

Best Toilet Lid Lock
Our most popular toilet lock. Easy for adults to open. Installs without tools. Fits most standard toilets. Tough all plastic construction.

Aunt Debbie said these little holes can hurt me.

Convenient Electrical Outlet Safety Cover

One screw, three-prong child resistant, energy efficient outlet covers. Fits over single screw-three prong outlets and replaces existing outlet cover. Protect children against electrical shock and cut your utility bills. Covers outlet holes automatically when plug is removed.

Replace Rubber-Tipped Door Stops and minimize Choking Hazards

One piece construction contains no removable end caps for child to choke on. Easy to install. 

Hang Up Dangling Cords
Small cleat for elevating blind cords. Low tech solution to choking hazard presented by hanging cords. 

Suction Cup Glass Door / Window Stop
Suction cup multi purpose Super Stopper.
For windows, sliding glass doors, mirrored closets and sliding shower doors. 

Note: Does not work on textured glass. 

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Babyproofing & Complete Safety Store


We evaluate and 
field-test all products.

Are You a Super Dad?
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Quiz and find out.


Keeping Your Kids
Safe from 

Family First
has one of the most extensive inventories of babyproofing products available anywhere.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff at Family First look forward to serving your needs.

Family First
(310) 215-3997

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Did you know
that each year:

25,000 kids
are treated
in hospital

5,000 children
die in

0ver 600
children drown
in toilet bowls